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Your recovery, your way.

Addiction treatment does not always require exogenous chemicals. At our Addiction Treatment Center in Philadelphia, we pride ourselves on treating the whole person and not substituting one crutch for another. Our appointments are slow paced, and we take our time getting to know our patients as they get to know us. We offer a dedicated, professional approach, interested in hearing about all the barriers affecting your unique case, along with advice based on compassion and experience.

There are occasions when individuals need medically assisted therapy to help return to their healthiest state, and this is a decision we take seriously. Though we believe drug free is the ultimate healthiest state, and strive for this goal in the long term, there are situations in daily life where medications combined with counseling have been shown superior to the alternatives. There are a host of medications on the market today which can be of benefit in alcoholism, drug addiction, or compulsory non-drug addictions. Choosing wisely, and keeping one’s intentions pure are of the utmost importance.

If you are suffering from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or an unproductive relationship with any given substance or activity, the Addiction Treatment Center at Suboxone Philadelphia would love to help. All patients are counseled at length, and it is through this therapeutic relationship that joint decisions are made about best therapy. We are proud to offer prolonged counseling sessions for Addiction Treatment in Pittsburgh, as well as teletherapy, tele-counseling, and telepsychiatry where necessary.

All services are now offered remotely via telemedicine, so you are still invited to drop us a line if you do not reside in the Pittsburgh.

Contact us today! You will not be pressured. This is your recovery, we are just here to help.

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