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Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment


Freedom from Opioid Use Disorder

At Suboxone Pittsburgh, our addictions treatment program is among the best in the country. Though we are located in downtown Pittsburgh, arrangements have been made to serve remotely via telemedicine. We take pride in what we do. If you are ready to change your life, we are here to help. 

Suboxone, or Buprenorphine/Naltrexone, is a combination opioid receptor agonist and antagonist. Its chemical profile attaches to opioid receptors with high affinity. For these reasons, if started too soon after one's last opioid dose Suboxone can precipitate withdraw. We take multiple precautions to prevent precipitated withdraw, and have a superfluous success rate.

The benefits of suboxone over other opioids is that it is thought to be less sedating, and doses are scheduled and sustainable. Receiving a regulated prescription from a physician, in conjunction with regular therapy and group support has been shown to be greatly successful in combating Opioid Use Disorder.

There are possible side effects with Suboxone and death due to overdose or other complications is in the realm of possibility. Suboxone may interact unfavorably with certain medications. Additionally, Suboxone does have addictive properties and there have been reports that this product can be abused. It is for theses reasons, and out of concern for safety of our patients and our community, that we monitor our patients closely throughout their course of treatment. While there are possible side effects with Suboxone, its benefits far outweigh the continued use of illicit opioids

In accordance with federal guidelines, our clinic does require random urine drug tests from enrolled patients. These requests are handled with the utmost respect and privacy and are meant as a tool to inspire conversation and change, not as a punitive measure. 

Our facility does not generally prescribe large quantities or refills of Suboxone due to these same guidelines. New patients are often observed upon induction and asked to follow up prior to their next dose.

An added benefit of our program is its adaptability. Patient needs are taken into account and an optimal plan is tailored based on the patient's individuality.  We continue to collaborate to bring you the most cutting edge, patient-centered service available.

All services are currently being offered via telemedicine. Contact us now to discuss whether treatment with Suboxone is a good fit for you!

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